Most of us remember our first day at every job we have ever had. The nervous energy of being unsure of where things are or what to do, trying to remember everyones names and dressing to impress. As a manager we forget sometimes that this may be the 30th person we have hired this quarter but for that employee their first day will be embedded into their memories forever. Here are a few ideas to help those new hires feel like a part of the team from the beginning.

Tip 1: Have A Partnership Mentality

Create a collaborative environment where people are comfortable sharing input and giving feedback. Have multiple channels where employees can communicate their thoughts not just in a public meeting. Some people may want not be comfortable speaking up in front of others but would be willing to send an e-mail or drop a note in a box. Proactively make them aware of company activities and social gatherings with other employees.

Tip 2: Provide Support

Make sure you are giving your new team members all the resources they need to be successful! Do they know who to go to when they hit a roadblock or need additional information? Make yourself available to your new hires and if possible personally handle as much of the on-boarding as possible. The more you communicate with them directly the greater the likelihood that they will acclimate to the company culture.
Tip 3: Praise and Use Incentives

Having a bonus structure is great, but publicly praise employees to their team members and on social media too. Provide opportunities for peers to praise each other as well. If you have a short term contest make sure you are consistently making people aware of where they stand in the rankings. For a long term bonus track quarterly and monthly progress so people can see if they are on track or not. Make sure all team members know the bigger picture company goals so their actions are in alignment of what you want to accomplish.