Many of us are seeking joy in our lives, and we believe that joy is born from the grandest, satisfying, and significant moments that occur. However, these moments are a rarity. Moments that may seem mundane or significant are far more common. By focusing on only the grandest moments, joy becomes difficult to attain. That’s why, to maintain a joyful state, we must focus on celebrating the small successes. Intentionally make the most mundane activities feel magical and celebrate the smallest of successes. By practicing this type of thinking, you won’t find yourself waiting for the next big event to make you happy. You will already be happy, and that joy will only be magnified tenfold.

Gratitude and joy go hand-in-hand. By focusing on all the things in life to be grateful for, there is less room for negative emotions, so show gratitude for all the important relationships in your life. Shine the spotlight on those around you whenever possible. Putting forth gratitude gives energy in return, and you’ll find it easier to take joy in all those small victories in your life. My thankfulness for my family, friends, health, and opportunities brings continuous prosperity. Take time to reflect on all the gifts that life has provided, and always remember that negative emotions cannot exist in the same space as gratitude.